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Soapbox time...
Yes we are listed on TripAdvisor, but only for our seasonal tours in the Flinders Ranges.
We haven't been able to add any of our other locations or tours for your reviews, because when we joined TripAdvisor it assumed our first-entered location for our tours (the Flinders Ranges) was our only location....and it's non-editable. Most of our tours actually occur year-round on the Fleurieu Peninsula; but to get those tours and locations onto TripAdvisor we apparently have to re-list ourselves as a "different" business/attraction/event for each & every tour & location we do.
Confusing for you and for us? Yes. Exasperating & inefficient? Yes. Do we want TripAdvisor to FIX this problem? Definitely yes, but they don't seem to be interested.

Anyway, that's why our TripAdvisor link below only takes you to our seasonal Flinders Ranges tours.

You can also review and comment on ANY of tour tours through our Facebook page, which gets far more visitors than our TripAdvisor listing. And which we'll actually check several times per week for your feedback.

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