Australia's total solar eclipses in 2023, 2028, 2030, 2037 & 2038. When & where & how to see them.

Throughout the entire 20th century, Australia got only four total solar eclipses (most recently in 1976).
Then there were Australian total solar eclipses in December 2002 and November 2012.
Then there were 11 years with no Australian total solar eclipses; but...

Between April 2023 and December 2038
Australia gets FIVE total solar eclipses

And then, for the following 28 years, Australia doesn't get another total solar eclipse....until 2066.

To find out more about these five Australian total solar eclipses in 15 years, click on a map below (or choose from the menu above).

There's also many lunar eclipses visible from Australia between now and 2040.